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Alessandro Carboni - Studio

I create both two and three-dimensional pieces by transforming familiar objects. By doing this, I create artwork that charges these objects with new meanings.

My work has recently developed into the creation of hybrids that are half object and half human or animal. More specifically, these pieces are sculptures, prints or videos that feature a combination of objects with human or animal legs. I will call this series, ‘new hybrids’.

The variety of objects and organisms that can be used to create these pieces is very broad; from motorcycles to igloos, from churches to boats - the list is endless. Anything can become a hybrid. The new hybrids are a way of exploring the elements that my practice is based on, such as failure, absurdity and ridiculousness. Adding legs to an object completely changes its functionality and therefore the perception we may have of it. It is my way of commenting on the meanings associated with those particular objects.

I am interested in considering the new hybrids as a sort of new species. Growing legs can be interpreted as a major event in the evolution timeline of someone or something. The first animals living in our planet were sea creatures. Three hundred and seventy-five million years ago, they started growing legs and were therefore able to move away from their environment and explore dry land.

In the same way as these first dry land settlers, the new hybrids can be seen as a sort of Darwinian evolution of the objects that shape themselves into new forms. The objects are therefore entering a new era that we can identify as trans-object, the start of object 2.0.


Bad Video Art Festival - Zverev Center of Contemporary Art - Moscow - 21st / 31st March 2019

Low Entertainment - Arch 5 - London - 26th June / 1st July 2018

Harvest Film Festival - Lower Hewood Farm - Dorset - 21st October 2017

CSM Show One - Central Saint Martins - London - 24th / 28th May 2017

Our Laughter Will Drown Your Sorrows - The Laundry - London - 17th / 20th March 2016

Concept - Scene at The Depot - London - 20th / 27th February 2016

Platforms Project at Art Athina 2015 (Lubomirov-Easton Gallery) - Athens - 4th / 7th June 2015

Rainbow Merchant - Schwartz Gallery - London - 18th March / 4th April 2015

Futures - The Old Truman Brewery - London - 6th / 9th June 2014

The Future Is Leaving - Middlesex University - London - 29th May / 2nd June 2014

Pause - Beaconsfield Gallery - London - 26th March 2014

Tomorrow’s People - Elevator Gallery Hackney WickED - London - 16th August / 8th September 2013

Room 603 - Working Men’s College - London - 21st / 27th June 2013

Harts Lane Open - Harts Lane Studios - London - 30th September 2012

Journey Into Cyprus - CCA Gallery - Lempa - 22nd / 29th June 2012

Isolated Borders - Old Police Station Gallery - London - 21st / 24th April 2012

Vinyl Cultivate - Vyner Street Gallery - London - 19th / 22nd April 2012

Formation - Arbeit Gallery - London - 3rd / 13th April 2012

Natural Born Moody - Vibe Gallery - London - 1st / 10th March 2012


2017 MA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins - London

2014 BA (Hons) Fine Art - Middlesex University - London

2013 FdA Degree Art and Design - Working Men’s College - London





All images © Alessandro Carboni